Smart Cleaning Robot


Super absorbent polymer material, designed for 40,000㎡ space cleaning

Automatic Charging

Automatically returns to charging port when low in battery

Lithium iron  phosphate, 25Ah/38.4V6 allows 10 hours battery life plus autonomous charging

3D obstacle avoidance camera

Avoid multiple collisions

Lidar+3D camera anti-collision design to accurately identify surrounding environment

Intelligent reminder function

Keep track of running dynamics through the intelligent system

Let the robot remind you of the operating status, equipment maintenance reminder, replacements for consumable supplies, etc

Remote navigation deployment

Construct map through Cloud with remote navigation function

The map construction of the robot can be carried out remotely, where the virtual wall setting is visualized for convenience and efficiency

Automatic filtration system for Water Cleaning

Water cleaning with the recycling and filtration system

When mopping, vacuuming & sweeping, simply adjust the amount of  water to clean more thoroughly. With the automatic recycling sewage and filtration system, water can be reused

Timed tasks

Automatic cleaning with self calibration of the area for cleaning

Manually set cleaning time, automatically perform cleaning tasks, saving time and effort

up to 40,000㎡ laser mapping

Satisfy your needs on large-scale applications

Optimized software algorithm and strengthened mapping engine to easily complete laser mapping tasks for complex areas