Why Us?

How our “Smart Solution” will help your Restaurant become Contactless and Safe?

STEP - 1

The Host Robot

Customer entering the Restaurant will be greeted by the Host Robot, where the Host Robot will guide the customer to the appropriate table.

STEP - 2

The QR Code

The Customer will then scan the unique QR code that is displayed on the table to download and install the “Smart Restaurant” App on their smart phones.

STEP - 3

The Smart “Customer” App

With the downloaded Smart Restaurant App, the customer will select the “dine-in” option after logging in with their credentials, and start ordering food with the App.

STEP - 4

The Smart “Admin” App

When the customer finishes entering the order into the Smart Customer App, the order will appear in the Admin App for the manager to accept, and the order will start being prepared. Receipts will be printed, Sales recorded, and Customer Data-base managed from the Admin App.

STEP - 5

The Smart Serving Robot

Once the order is prepared, the Smart Serving Robot will start delivering food to the specific table, and return to its charging station after delivery.

STEP - 6

The Smart Busboy

The Smart Busboy Robot will be deployed to help clean up dishes from the tables, that will allow minimal contact, and decrease time for cleanup.

STEP - 7

The Smart Cleaning Robot

After the customers are finished dining, the Smart cleaning robot will move around the restaurant to clean the floors at anytime needed.

STEP - 8

The Smart UVC Robot

After a lunch or dinner session is finished, and when there are no customers in the restaurant, the Smart UVC robot will be deployed to disinfect each and every corner of the restaurant.